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Welcome to Mountain Lily Gems

Mountain Lily Gems is a tiny web-based business operated by me, Bob Drummond.  I am the miner, collector, faceter, photographer, web designer/master and salesperson.  I am a source for mineral specimens and natural gemstones ranging from economically priced commercial quality goods to custom cut museum quality gems.  If you are a collector, a jewelry designer, a consumer with a special gemstone need, or someone just interested in nature's beauty, you should enjoy examining this site.

I believe that part of the fascination of minerals and gems, besides their beautiful color, form, and scintillation; is their origin; the part of the world from which they come, and how they were collected.  For this reason I thoroughly document and certify the origin of the gemstones I offer for sale.  If you see a gemstone or mineral specimen that you like, and it is already sold, don't fret, simply give me a call.  Perhaps I can cut something similar for you, and I often have other mineral specimens not yet posted on the website.


Mountain Lily Gems

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