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Here are selected links to gem and mineral clubs, museums, professional societies, and gem and mineral businesses. These links are provided only for your convenience. I cannot attest to individual business practices which are independent of Mountain Lily Gems.

The American Federation of Mineralogical Societies: Here is a portal link for anyone interested in joining a local gem and mineral club.

Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery: An extensive mineral database, beautiful minerals for sale

Bob's Rock Shop: A great stop for the internet-surfing rockhound. Lots of images, rockhound info., great links, etc.

Delta Bravo: Images of gorgeous emerald specimens

Desert Gems: A rock & gem shop located in Swakopmund, Namibia. A source for unusual Namibian doubly-terminated, clear, smoky, and amethyst phantom quartz crystals

Ganoksin Online: A great gem and jewelry information resource providing a library of articles, publications, reports, and technical data on gem and jewelry topics and a sizable collection of art and jewelry galleries.

The Gem Hut: An extensive inventory of cut stones, findings, and a great list of links

GemZone: An online gem and jewelry trade show

The International Colored Gemstone Association: A great resource for all information pertaining to colored gemstones. Publisher of InColor magazine.

The Gemological Institute of America: A nonprofit educational organization for the gem and jewelry industry providing training, diamond and colored stone grading, gem instruments, etc.

National Gemstone's Home Page: Fine gemstones for sale, guidelines for buying gems, gem investment info, and more

The Southern Appalachian Mineral Society: A club web site for those in the southeast interested in joining a club.

The Mineral and Gem Society of Castro Valley: A club web site for those in northern CA interested in joining a club with a great lapidary shop.

The Smithsonian's Gem & Min. Collection: Here is a portal to the Smithsonian's Department of Mineral Sciences. There isn't much information here, but there is a nice photo gallery of a few images of our national museum's fabulous gem and mineral collection.

U.S.G.S: The United States Geological Survey's web page on rocks and minerals and mineral collecting. Especially interesting is "Gemstones," by G. T. Austin that contains information on the most common gemstones produced in the U.S. and the specific states where they are most likely to be found.