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Amethyst from Jackson's Crossroads, Georgia


Recently, a long-known amethyst locality has changed ownership and has been aggressively mined for beautiful amethyst matrix specimens. The property, located near Jackson's Crossroads in Wilkes County, Georgia, was purchased by Rodney Moore, Terry Ledford, and others. Mr. Moore and Ledford have brought in heavy equipment to open up and expose sections of a vuggy granite-like countryrock containing drusy-quartz-lined veins. Often these veins provide cavities where large, gemmy, amethyst crystals had room to grow with great perfection. Although not inexpensive as a fee-dig, many exceptionally beautiful amethyst specimens are being found. If you would like to take a shot at finding a beautiful amethyst specimen like that shown here, check out WNC Rocks web site. The finest, Smithsonian-quality specimens, are being distributed by Terry Ledford. Mr. Ledford can be reached at this e-mail address (wiscottawatta@wmconnect.com).