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Petersen Peak (Hallelujah Junction), Nevada, Quartz Crystal Locale


Petersen Peak spans the California- Nevada border and is situated approximately 40 miles northwest of Reno, Nevada. The location is famous for large amethyst scepter crystals. The photo on the left was taken at the beginning of the dirt access road leading to the quartz crystal collecting area (The area within the blue box). The mountain is covered by a number of claims, some of which are open to collectors on a fee basis or by permission granted for club-sponsored field trips. The access road degrades into a 4WD track as it nears the mountain. The trail becomes slick and impassable after heavy rain so collecting is best attempted during the dry summer and fall months. (For more information read "Return to Petersen Peak" by Si and Ann Frazier, Lapidary J., Vol. 51 No. 10, pg. 47, 1998)