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amlogo1a1a1 M333

As you may already know, Herkimer "Diamonds" are actually natural, doubly-terminated quartz crystals. This occurrence is located near Herkimer, New York, in north-central New York State. This is probably the world's premier location for beautifully clear and nearly perfect doubly- terminated quartz crystals. They range in size from specimens as tiny as a grain of salt up to specimens 6 to 8 inches in length. The crystal shown here was collected over 30 years ago, but fee collecting areas are still open to the public. It is extremely difficult work cracking the hard matrix rock looking for the vugs in which the crystals grew from a silica-rich solution. The price of Herkimers is a function of the perfection of their crystal faces and their clarity. The crystal shown above has excellent clarity and is in very good condition. (#M333, $12.00)