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Shown here is an image of gold in quartz from Northern California. This specimen was mined by Herb Way and his father back in the days of the Great Depression. When times were tough these industrious men were able to eke out a living by mining gold from a small quartz seam they had located in the coastal region of Northern California. Sorry, but I don't know the specifics of this particular mine, but the general location is certain. The gold in this vein is barely visible by eye, but is fairly uniformly disseminated in the quartz, and quite fascinating to view under 10X magnification. The vein itself was only about 1 inch in thickness. The specimen appears just as it did when removed from the earth. It has not been treated to remove rust stains. This piece would make a nice addition to any mineral collection. I have several other similar specimens from the same source available. ( #M468, $20.00)

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